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"DVD covers" is a film that will surely fall to the taste especially females. The plot tells the story of Georgina, who without hesitation, agrees to marry the Duke of Devonshire, whose life had seen only twice. After a short time, become an icon of fashion, and dresses her own idea we want to wear all of England. Although the heroine complies with the obligations of his wife and forgive Prince "juices on the side", but he is not happy with this marriage, because his son is expected that Georgina can not give him. The Duchess has decided not to submit and enter into an affair with a young politician - Mr. Grey. Game feelings, flirting between the characters that makes this work is impossible to dislike.
Lightning is a superhero. It has more power than the legendary Superman i .. is a dog. His life is a constant struggle against evil, especially with a sly Doctor and his assistants Ladazzo, cats. The mission is accompanied by a human friend Penny. All well and good, nice, but it's only fiction. In fact, Bolt is the star of the television. To make it even funnier, the hero does not know. Just like the cartoon "The Truman Show" with animals as the main character. Once Lightning by accident, I get to college. And here begins the adventure. Super dog, already out not so great, trying to find a home. It's not easy when you do not have special skills. Distances become larger, their being tired, and in addition there is a real sweat and blood. But how do you have friends? In this case, the hostage, cat Marlene and Lightning fan, TV, hamster Attila. However, after some time, shared experiences, bring together pets and they become true companions to each other, the companions of good and bad.
As in any film, and here I found your favorite hero - the Duke of Devonshire. The character played by such a great actor Ralph Fiennes is what makes falling into hypnosis. Ruthless, cruel and nieuczuciowy my husband is still awaited on the screen when his character "disappears" I look forward to her next appearance. Well played feeling torn between two women, a man makes "DVD covers" deserves all the nominations that got (not saying that only Ralph contributed to this, but for the most part).
What do women want? Everything. And when they have everything? They want more, of course. The trap seemingly perfect life falls into character "Princess", Georgiana (Keira Knightley), a young and beautiful woman chosen by the Duke of Devonshire to his wife and the mother heir to the title. Well-born, intelligent and educated as befits a woman in the eighteenth century (say in three languages, horseback riding and dancing, lists her mother) is admired by those around her, and wherever he appears, arouse the admiration mixed with envy. At first, has so anything that can give her happiness. Marriage with an unknown and a little old man does not raise it fear or disgust - Georgiana hopes that discovers the taciturn and gruff prince sensitive, intelligent partner. Unfortunately, waiting for her bitter disappointment. When discussing the policies of Georgiana, the prince is bored, or just coming out of the room. In their relationship she shines, showing off his eloquence and flexible mind. They are matched pair - their relationships deteriorate, there is anger between them (from the prince) and more pronounced bitterness (from the Gee)
Georgiana is a naive girl from a respectable home how Spencer. One day to her family's estate comes Duke of Devonshire. G. This wench with a pretty face, perfect in today's canons of beauty, figure and without breasts - the perfect partner for one of the most influential aristocrats of the time. Girl dreams of love and happiness. He sees in her future horse breeder. Finally, there is a marriage. After marrying Georgiana quickly discovers that her little oldish Prince Charming has more in common with the old toad, than with a sensitive man on a white horse. In a short time, it appears that the poor mare G. Reproductive like eighteenth-century conditions. Instead of the prince's daughter gives birth to son, but does not improve the situation in the marriage. No satisfaction in life and the bedroom, however, makes up for creating a self-styled icon salons and spending intoxicating moments in the arms of Grey.
The story and plot. Schematic as it happens in fairy tales. But that does not mean boring. The main character gets friends, overcome weaknesses and happy ending. Everything is presented in an interesting and humorous. Animation often drag on, especially when the various pursuits. This may discourage older audience, but the kids will be over the moon. Because they do not like who dream of great abilities. The strength of the movie is also a fictional separation from the real world. A young spectator with Bolt learns to distinguish truth from ever invented. Fable m that not everything you see on TV is real movie cover
"DVD covers" Dibba should be hailed as the flagship film in the category of "do not break the historical drama". From the film blowing boredom. The story was quite a lot of potential, but unfortunately the story got lost in the coating film. As a result, the viewer receives sausage in silk, with crinoline around the ass of Miss Knightley and storm curls on her head. The production, which is nice looking, looks worse. I am sorry to say that Keira is not a game, but there is. The character of Princess does not bring any emotion, is asexual, sometimes even grotesque. Dread to think what will happen next. A budding film actress from the movie gets worse impression. Top is doing what it should not surprise anyone, Ralph Fiennes, and the movie undoubtedly belongs to him. Just one-man show. The Duke of Devonshire is the only living person in the kaszance with their advantages and vices, while a truly British in every sense of the word. A fascinating character. Cold and ruthless from the outside, seething with emotion inside. In addition to the delights Fiennes sets and costumes, the rest is mush for not requiring the viewer.
Visually "DVD covers" delights: beautiful pictures and costumes, beautiful face of the heroine. The action takes place among the upper-class people, so we spend all the time in the beautiful and rich interiors. But what about the interiors of the characters? In fact, outside of Georgia and Duke of Devonshire all the characters are flat and were not given the time to develop the wing on the screen. You can not say unequivocally that one of the cast broke down his performance, but no actor did not call attention to its game and intrigued enough to pick up a movie on the psychological level. You can blame Ralph Fiennes prominent here, which is not saying very little, dominated by its aura of the whole picture. His Duke of Devonshire is hard as a rock, straightforward, practical, and sometimes cruel - standing in the shadow of Georgia catches the eye and is concerned because although distinctive character can not be pigeonholed as violent or husband, or a fornicator or a fool. Gee it is only a tool, the subject of a pretty good recommendation to have children ("Women in our family never failed," - says the mother). But it is not written by the Duke game first violin, so the viewer is condemned by most of the session on Knightley faces predictable, which is not a bad actress, but lacks the charisma Fiennes. As you can see, beauty is not everything. What's more, over the years her perfectly smooth face did not change at all, so the passage of time, we learn from the dialogue the characters ("For all these years ...").
The high level of our Polish dubbing. Especially worth mentioning Thomas and Sonia Bohosiewicz Karolak. Both dubbed the funniest characters. Tomasz Karolak gave great character Attila, crazy hamster, a big fan of the movie Lightning. His lisp and original manner of speech gave great charm of an already sweet pet. Sonia's voice while he was being sarcastic and ironic, so I should have a cat Marlena. Boris Szyc who dubbed Lightning, had the simplest task. A hero is not nothing special stood out. Of course, a big thank you to the team directing the Polish dubbing. It is thanks to the animation is full of fun and "cult" speech, which for a long time after watching the film will be pleasantly reminiscing and often cited.
Reading rewards that this film won so far, my heart rejoices encountering a mention of Michael O'Connor, who got the award for the best costumes. In the early stages it can be seen at once brilliant creations that are so suitable for those years. Each dress the main character is so carefully polished that watching a movie, we can understand the nature of creation itself form. For the  d director I have only one small "but". I personally love affair between the Princess and Mr. Grey, zakończyłabym more dramatic. I missed one additional scene showing stigmatized feelings parting that wzruszyłoby viewer. Unfortunately, no such moment and not lived to see my score, although high, is not the highest In short, the film is worth a visit to admire the game very well (even venture to establish brilliant) pair acres Knightley and Fiennes. The viewer's eye can also enjoy (previously admired by me) costumes and great pictures taken by Gyula Pados.

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