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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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Big Bad Wolves

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Bad Grandpa

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Army of Darkness

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Anita (2014)

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your work and your package

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But at the very beginning was John Rambo, the hero brought to life by David Morrell in his novel "First Blood". The book, which quickly was on the bestseller list, of course, attracted film producers, and in 1982 appeared on the big screen, the first part of the "Rambo" - a series that next to the "Rocky" is considered today as one of the greatest achievements in the career of Sylvester Stallone.

There's no denying that the rather unusual herd consisting of sloth Sid, Molly mammoth and tiger Diego, is loved by millions of people, both the young and the old, all over the world. It was like in 2002 when their debut heroes "Ice Age." The first part of the adventures of the original, and most of all fun. The audience were crying with laughter eyeing childhood innocence and helplessness Sid. Ice Age lived with these prehistoric pets was not terrible. Studio Blue Sky when a brilliant result achieved by simplicity for its own purposes. The first part was a success.

Picture enjoyed great popularity not only in the U.S. but around the world, including the "Iron Curtain". In Poland, the film can be viewed on the "zjechanych" frequently videotapes that were obtained or stated to the gills and bazaar Rozycki.

I, too, like the vast majority of my colleagues in the elementary school, was fascinated by the adventures of John Rambo. When we ran around the yard with plastic guns we face some scarves tied compulsory or stripes. The biggest dream of every one of us was having the same knife as John Rambo - with a big, serrated blade and screw-off compass hiding storage necessities. This has been just one of us. A colleague who had family abroad was a knife as a gift for my birthday, so his position among the backstairs brothers grew very high. Because the boy was willing to lend nature a businessman for a few minutes his treasure, but instead wished to lend him the whole day fashionable in those days an electronic game (anyone else remember the Russian copies of the wolf, hare and eggs?).

"First Blood" is also an important film because the subject matter interested in public opinion of the Vietnam War and its veterans. Of course, this was not the first moving image problem. Previously developed such loud "The Deer Hunter," Michael Cimino's "Coming Home," Hal Ashby, and typically sensational "Rolling Thunder" written by Paul Schrader. But it was the "First Blood", although critics have praised the film hardly has won such an enormous popularity.

Who is not familiar form of indestructible Rambo, who in the eighties was the hero and idol of teenagers? There is probably no such person. Rambo is also a popular addition to Rocky, Sylvester Stallone vital role, through which he became a star in Hollywood and one of the greatest action film icon. Ted Kotcheff made film, which will be hard to forget, even for a few decades. Now I will discuss the benefits of this wonderful production, to show why the "Rambo" has become such a big hit with movie thrillers. First, the excellent cast deserves praise. Stallone himself and plays the role of a stubborn sheriff Brian Dennehy did an amazing job just great. Perfectly fit to role-form. Well it came off David Caruso, Jack Starrett, Chris Mulkey and Colonel Samuel Trautman, of course, that Richard Crenna. Another plus is sensational Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack. He composed the ever-living pieces that fit perfectly into the atmosphere the film. Great tunes such as "Coming Home" for nothing is impossible to forget. Another advantage is the director. Ted Kotcheff showed us great stories zszarganego war veteran. Although to his credit he has no other such memorable titles, it is a "Rambo" you have to respect him. One of the most important elements that make the film can be considered ambitious, is the message. "Rambo" shows how war has left mark on the psyche of soldiers returning from Vietnam. This is particularly evident when one of the last scenes where the main character laments Colonel, as a great misfortune happened to him after his return to the country. Sensational climate is also an image that is sure to attract many viewers to the screen seeking a good action movie.

The protagonist is a Vietnam War veteran John Rambo, who seven years after his return from the front arrives in the small town with the intention of visiting a former comrade in arms. On-site, however, falls into conflict with the local police, the sheriff  gives character to understand that this is not a welcome guest here. When, despite warnings John Rambo decides to visit is arrested and escorted to the local police station. Tormented by the police veteran finally breaks out and escapes captors in the direction of the neighboring forest. Behind him, set off police officers and members of the National Guard. I do not know, however, that the man with whom zadarli is one of the best trained soldiers in the Green Beret units.

After 7 years and still one of the 2006 studio Blue Sky have shared with us their new creation which is the third part titled "Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs". Dawn of the Dinosaurs now is not so good. The writers did not use the potential of all the characters, and the story they created more teaching than playing. They put the moralizing than a smile. They can not be accused of that era is not funny, but it is not the main argument of the film. As usual, our screen friends grappling with the problems - but this time, more life. Manny is about to become a father, Diego loses his senses, hunter, and Sid as he is looking for their place in the next order. Heroes also have changed - there are so nasty to each other, in truth every now lives alone. Pets are not so funny - Manka verbal skirmish with Sid are very short and overwhelming. Everything in this film are few changes. Play only the new characters, and only veteran Sid - as always pierdołowaty.

With great affection I watched "First Blood," which was published in Poland for the first time on DVD in the series QDVD. Although not really a movie over the years has grown old. It told the story still sucks, Jerry Goldsmith music all the time is great, and Sylvester Stallone believable in her role. It is true that now, from the perspective of a man who is showing its age and richer watched hundreds of movies I see in the "blood Perwszej" glaring errors, but does not seriously affect the enjoyment of watching a movie. John Rambo fighting with police officers in the forest bathed in the pouring rain, in which the pursuer fall into intricately porozstawiane by commando still watch the traps baited breath, and the scene where the hero jumps from a high cliff to the growing several feet below the tree probably already passed into history ( Similarly, the subsequent self-oscillating arm stitching :)).

The only thing to which you can attach to the end. Since when Rambo gets to town and blow up petrol stations tension clearly decreases. Also, the final scene in which the hero delivers a lengthy monologue about the fate of war veterans due to their schematic no longer inspires such emotions as before.

However, despite these shortcomings, "First Blood" is still a piece of interesting and well-executed action film.

Perfectly clear that the writers had no idea of ​​the fate of the characters. Again we see the entering into trouble sloth and again follow his friends. Did dinosaurs were good motive after the great flood? It is not enough, their contribution is small, and although the mother tyrannosaur induces positive emotions in us, it happens only under the influence of sloth. The writers tried to make a difference, but in this case we can see that it was best not to touch anything and leave the characters as they are.

As befits a film series QDVD edition looks good. Packaged in a cardboard sleeve plate looks good on the shelf. In addition to the disc image text also find information on the filmmakers, two trailers to promote the production and trailers consecutive titles that have appeared or will appear in a series of QDVD.

This, unfortunately, not much.

Komercyjność place on the film and not the film brought a smile to the artificiality. The viewer wants to, but can not laugh, resulting in a downright macabre grimace on his face. "Ice Age" has become a depressingly dull and brought the film to a level that the next part of what getting worse. One can only hope that Studio Blue Sky does not already fall into the next part of the idea of ​​an unusual flock - leave them alone, and we remain happy to mention high-quality cinema of the first two parts. You can option is to stay and focus on short episodes or sloth Sid Scrat decent shock therapy or for writers to surprise audiences again.

We can watch a movie with a Polish teacher (DD 5.1) and subtitles. As with previous titles in the series QDVD also placed on the soundtrack in DTS ES.

Unfortunately, no one can not be avoided so serious that annoying error. In the original DD 5.1 soundtrack dialogues are not always exactly in sync with the image and sometimes a little bit ahead of the characters movements paragraph, clearly evident in the stage 10, in which the sheriff meets for the first time Colonel Trautman.