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For all moviegoers who stęsknili for good animation, and especially for the adventure of a herd unusual pets from the time of the ice age, I have very good news. Our beloved heroes return for release in the next cycle has four parts under the title "Ice Age 4: Journey 3D continents." For a long time, I missed the antics Sid and Diego tongue cut, but if another series is as good as its predecessor? I can definitely answer that yes and I say this with great pleasure and great enthusiasm as the "Ice Age 4: Hike continents" is right next to the best ones in the series.

In the fourth installment we meet with many novelties. Among other things, the series will be introduced to all the new characters, and one of protagonistek peach, daughter Molly, and Eli enters adolescence. Additionally, in the wake of the previous parts, which in turn talked about the ice age, the dusk, the era of the dinosaurs, so the fourth part gives us another important stage in the development of the Earth, the  continents split. Of course, this thread is the main axis of the image and the narrative was captured by the writers in a very humorous way. I must admit covercity that  although it is the fourth part is the background predecessor, except the first, seems to be the most original and the most ingenious installment. Certainly, this is due to new characters, a small mole Louis, grandmother Sida, or tigress Shirze. They are clearly, the unconventional characters, can be very fast like.

However, and as the first violin plays Manny, Diego and Sid, who this time by dividing the continents are separated from the rest of his flock and laying on a chair by the current in the unexplored assessments. It is worth noting that this time, most of the action is not happening to people, but the vast ocean. Thus, most of the production will observe both the struggles and the Manka two friends getting back on land, as well as Eli and Brzoskwinki trying to save the rest of the animals, the impending danger. I have to admit that it routed the story is very interesting and much more dynamic than in previous versions. In addition, we find here quite a lot of different side quests, just funny, and touching what.

The writers also remember the conclusion in its production of several important values ​​and may be banal, but a very important message. They say that we should value the friendship of another person and be able to choose the appropriate company. Is it worth it to change for others? Ashamed of his own family and friends? Lose important for us to know? Only to ingratiate himself with the best company? A perfect example is the peach. This form and its problems well reflect the typical teenage girl and her daily struggles. Developers are also trying to emphasize the value of family and friendship. An example is the same Manny, Diego and reasoning to Shira on stocks and mutual devotion. For true friends can always rely on, no matter what kind they were not always help us.

"Ice Age 4" to resolve one of the funniest parts. We will spend the entire session with a smile on his lips, and with some kawałach and gagach for a good few moments I could not stop laughing. Manka Relations and Brzoskwinki on her antics amuse us sometimes. Definitely the funniest movie character, in my opinion, is the grandmother Sida. Older lady and maintaining its nutrients can knock the legs. Course, there was also interludes of squirrel, Scrat - can be a good laugh. Funny gags, nice play on words, funny dialogue, a successful pirate przyśpiewka and Polish, as usual, amazing voice. With wymieniowym above elements, humor literally bursting with most of the scenes, so if you have a bad mood, and most have recourse to the "era" to improve the mood guaranteed
From the latest audio-visual section also does not disappoint. The animation is simply beautiful, and  the special effects and 3D stick in the chair. Just recall the scene of the division of continents and an ocean storm. The movie is very nice and spectacular. The same can be said about the music, which is well suited to the production and it is a good supplement.
Makers should also be commended for demonstrating the considerable ingenuity in creating a pirate ship and its crew. Particular attention should be paid to Captain Flak, which has the same look is very off-putting. A definite plus.